(VIDEO) Biiista electric motorbike : take a ride on the wild (EV) side


Here is a new electric motorcycle project with an original design, imagined by the Yellow Works design studio with Hammerschmid-Maschinenbau as technical partner, they have developped the Biiista.

Biiista_electric_motorbike (12).JPG 

Its lines are retro and futuristic at the same time, a superb blend of genres with a specs sheet that doesn’t disappoint: 125cc equivalent the machine weighs 140kg and can go up to 100kph with a 100km range thanks to a 5kWh battery (8kWh version under study), the engine develops 10.5kW and 210 Nm in peak!

Biiista_electric_motorbike (6).jpg 

At the front, its dual swing arm  is an architecture that some of the electric motorbikes use as they provide a better cooling for the components, cf. H-Ker and Roskva (air friction is less important than with a traditional fork).

The rest of the vehicle is hidden in a textured shell that incorporates an aluminum chassis, battery and controller, it also wraps the rear wheel which houses the electric motor.

Biiista_electric_motorbike (14).jpg 

For the moment no production plan or price have been revealed but be sure that we will keep you posted!

To discover the Biiista in motion, it’s just below
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