Back to the future, at last an electric DeLorean

An all-electric DeLorean will be rolling through the country roads of Italy just in time for the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future’s original European release.

Wired Italy are big fans of the movie. They’re also fascinated by electric cars, so the combination just seemed right. “This is all real future, not back to the future,” said Wired Italy Features Editor Massimiliano Ferramondo.

They ordered a conversion kit with a 90 kW engine and custom designed Lithium-ion batteries that fit the DMC-12 perfectly. “We made a calculation of what the car needs to travel properly — how many batteries, what kind of engine — and then we made plastic mockups of the parts,” Ferramondo said. 
Ferramondo estimates that the 0-60 time will be cut to 4.2 seconds, and the range of the car is estimated to be between 125 and 135 miles.

You can see a nice video and follow the project here

Thanks: / Wired

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