(VIDEO) An electric BMW M3 (e36) at Pikes Peak 2012


This year again electric vehicles will be racing at Pikes Peak with for instance Tajima going for a new record with the Team APEV and Mitsubishi with a radical i-MiEV.

We learn today that a BMW M3 will also compete in the famous hill-race. 


This M3 is a bit special, it has been electrified by EV West and now offers 420hp and 813Nm of torque!

An impressive conversion that reminds us Mate Rimac’s e30… For the record, since he founded Rimac Automobili...

At the begging EV West is a parts dealer for the electrification of vehicles, for several years they have been  converting vehicles for fun or various events such as the Baja1000.

Here is the teaser of EV West’s M3 
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