(VIDEO) Chip Yates latest challenge, a transatlantic flight with an electric airplane


After his records of 306kph last year and the 12min50 at Pikes Peak in 2011, Chip Yates tackles the world of aviation. 

He wants to reinvent the use of batteries in airplanes and is considering a long distance flight.

Long distance and electric together? That does not seem to go along, but Chip has an interesting idea in mind...

The former Boeing employee explains that "electric planes are penalized by batteries that have a poor energy density but also because you cannot get rid of them once depleted."

Chip's idea is to store the batteries in the wings and to make them switchable… Drone batteries, that would allow a in-flight battery swap.
This technology called Infinite Range Electric Flight is patent-pending and will be developed on the Long-EZ, an aircraft designed by Burt Rutan.

Long_ESA.jpgChipYates_FlightoftheCentury (2).jpg 

The project named "Flight of the Century" is still in development but there is no doubt that with his determination and his team, Chip Yates will once again surprise us.

Article by Quentin Maizières 
Par Technologic Vehicles
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