(VIDEO) Honda Uni-Cub, V2 the omnidirectional seated Segway


After a discreet presentation of the Uni-Cub’s V1 in December 2011, before the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda revealed today the second version of this personal mobility device called Uni-Cub -which is itself the evolution of the U3-X concept introduced in 2009.

Honda_Uni-Cub_V2 (11).jpg 

The Uni-Cub is a single person electric vehicle, it has a removable lithium-ion battery and a seat with adjustable hieght, the range is 6 km with a maximum speed of 6kph.

Two control modes are available, using gyroscope (your body controls the vehicle) or via a touch pad. Thanks to its omnidirectional wheel developed in house by Honda (Honda Omni Traction Drive System) the Uni-Cub can move on all axes.

The Uni-Cub will be tested from June, indoors, in the Japanese National Museum of Science and Innovation.

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