Infiniti Etherea closer to launch: Magna Steyr selected for the assembly

It is now official, Infiniti’s compact hybrid will be produced in 2014 by Magna Steyr in Austria, an assembly subcontract that follows the engineering contract on which Magna is currently working.

Revealed in early 2011, this compact hybrid that will compete with the Lexus CT200h but also in the A Class, 1 Series and Audi A3 is a strategic product for the brand.


 “This new vehicle represents a significant opportunity for the Infiniti brand to reach new consumers and grow in key markets such as Western Europe,” said Andy Palmer, Nissan Motor Company executive VP responsible for Infiniti.

Renault-Nissan and Mercedes have announced a strategic cooperation. Using Daimler components, for instance the A Class platform, Infiniti avoids high development costs. In exchange, Mercedes will receive license fees for each vehicle manufactured and benefits of economies of scale. 50 000 to 60 000 could be built each year in Graz, Austria.

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