(VIDEO) Pioneer CyberNavi : world’s first augmented reality head-up display GPS


Pioneer introduces the first GPS featuring head-up display and augmented reality that appears live on your windshield -sort of driving with google glasses featuring a navigation system. 

This navigation system called "CyberNavi" will be available (for now only in Japan) in two versions: the VH 99 top version with a retractable motorized screen and a model ZH 99, more classic that comes with an LCD touch screen.


The system indicates the route straight on your car’s windshield using a laser projection. It gives you relevant driving information three meters before.

According to the Japanese brand, this system will be adaptable in "70% of existing cars." The HUD will be available on the driver's side at the sun visor level and provides improved security for users who will no longer have to leave the eyes of the road to watch the GPS. However this security has a cost. The system CyberNavi will cost at its release in late July in Japan, respectively, $ 3,770 (€ 2,930) for the version ZH and $ 4,021 (€ 3,125) for the VH model.

Article by Quentin Maizières

Par Technologic Vehicles
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