A Tour de France on an electric scooter!


Vianney BUREAU likes challenges. This young business student decided to go for a Tour de France with an electric scooter. 
Vianney teamed-up with GOVECS that will provide to the student the technical and financial resources required to carry out this adventure. 

The German company will give to Vianney the scooter GO S2.4, helmets and technical training adapted to perform this Tour de France. One of the main objectives of Vianney and GOVECS is to educate French people to electric vehicles throughout 3500km

The scooter is a model GO! S2.4, 100% electric and equivalent to a 50cc (limited to 45kph) its range is about 100km... A human and logistic challenge that should take a month, two daily recharges are planned, Vianney BUREAU will then have to manage to sleep, eat and especially drive only using a map. 

After our Tour de France in the Tesla Roadster we will follow this adventure for you.

Article by Quentin Maizières 
Par Technologic Vehicles
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