SCOD presents an hybrid vessel for U.S. Coast Guards


Sauter Carbon Offset Design offers us once again an innovative project, after the hybrid tender E-Max SM45 here is the "Sea Eagle" designed for U.S. Coast Guards.

In total the Sea Eagle develops 5000hp, part comes from 4 diesel engines ZF Hybrid Hybrid but it also takes advantage of renewable energies, including sun and waves, 100kW of photovoltaic panels are located on the upper deck and can generate approximately 200MW per year. 100kW to which are added 30kW of Wave Motion Regeneration. Finally the Sea Eagle also takes advantage of the weight of the batteries with a damping system that generates energy (Motion Damping Regeneration).

USCG Sea Eagle E Class  PV Top.jpg 

In total the Sea Eagle SCOD could allow a reduction in emissions of 12,000 tonnes per year.

For the comparison, it uses half as much fuel as the USCG Sentinel and still offers 10% extra speed. With its 43 meters long it welcomes 30 crew members.

Its range varies from 1200 to 3500Nm in economic navigation, or a 7 days autonomy.

This project has been submitted to the U.S. Coastguard and we hope it will convince, remains to calculate the additional cost it represents compared to a conventional vessel...

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