Audi e-bike Wörthersee: more information, 250Nm of torque, and wheelie assistance as standard!

Update of May 11th article with a new video and picture gallery

250Nm (184.39lb. ft)! A motorcycle? No an electric bike!
A few days ago a powerful electric bike with an Audi logo appeared on the web without any information.

Today, Audi tells us more about this prototype called Adui e-bike Wörthersee it pushes the envelop on Audi’s technological values "ultra" "design" "connect" and "e-tron."


In figures CFRP wheels of 26 inches, each weighing only 600grammes, for a frame of 1.6kg ... Its electric motor is placed at the lowest point on the bike, it delivers an output of 2.3kW (3ch ) in peak and 250Nm at the wheel!

Its total weight is 21kg with 5kg for the 530Wh Lithium-Ion battery, the full charge takes 2h30.

Five driving modes are available and are not really promenade-like... Their are activated via the control panel or a Smart phone they are very flexible and allow the bike to have multiple faces.

-"Pure" is the wisest, the electric motor is off.
-"Pedelec" is the mode with electric assist, and already, things get more serious 80kph max speed for a range of 50 to 70km.
-"EGrip" here, the engine is no longer activated by the pedals, but by an accelerator grip whose setup can be modified via the onboard computer.
-"Wheelie" power is controlled electronically when the front wheel is in the air with two sub-modes -"Power Wheelie" and "Balanced Wheelie" depending on whether you are a beginner or more experienced.

Audi_e-bike (2).jpg 

Concerning its transmission Audi e-bike features 9 speed.
For the fun let’s that vieo demo again...

However, if this data sheet makes you -like us- eager to try it, we’ll have to wait because Audi reveals no information about a possible production or price yet ...

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