Roskva Electric: a new electric superbike coming from Norway (new images)

Update of May 10th article with some new images of the bike's renderings.


Here is a new project that enters our directory of electric motorcycles. Designed in the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, this bike currently under development will rely on two main elements to stand out from the competition, aerodynamism and performance.

According to initial reports and sketches, the front part of the electric Roskva will be faired to reach the lowest drag coefficient as possible. The world’s most aerodynamic bikes were created in the 80s by BMW, their coefficient of air penetration was 0.38, according to initial tests, the Roskva’s should be around 0.28!
Roskva_sketch (2).jpg 
Then, regarding its construction and weight, after some testings with an alu-frame Roskva’s team considered it too heavy, and switched to carbon monocoque! At the front a relatively conventional fork and at the rear a shock absorber mounted on a single arm, also in carbon the whole is wrapped in a composites body.


Finally on the battery and motor side, the Roskva Electric will be equipped with not one but two motors for a total power (in peak) of 92hp and 80Nm, the 6kWh Lithium Polymer battery (LiFePO4) should ensure a range of 100km.

”Roskva gives the owner the sensation of owning something handmade and unique, as opposed to the typical japanese motorcycle; that indescribable feeling which makes you smile without knowing why. Roskva will stand out and attract attention by having a different and modern design compared to the conventional motorcycle of today.” 

”Roskva is a machine in which the advantages of enviromentally friendly electricity are combined with pure riding experience.”

Stay tuned!

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