(VIDEO) Paris testing electric sweepers (Tennant 500ze)


Electric sweepers will soon be tested in Paris’ streets. This greener vehicle will also allow a reduction of noise pollution compared to its thermal counterpart with a volume in use three times lower.

They will be tested for two years on the streets of the French capital.


Built by the company Tennant, the 500 ZE (for Zero Emission) is a rather classic sweeper, powertrain excepted. A pack of lithium-ion battery that recharges in 4 hours supplies the power. The silent moving phases are then punctuated by of aspirations phases-not much louder as they also rely on electricity. No CO2 emissions at all in use!

Its range is far than enough for a full work day with an 8 hours range. The Tennant 500ZE will also save some energy on the bill with an hourly cost of 0.6 cents against 3.6€ for the ICE version.

As usual for electric vehicles the main obstacle remains the purchase price, nearly two times higher than an ICE one (€170.000 VS €100.000)...On the other hand, its life span is expected to last two more years.

Article by Jeremi Michaux
Par Technologic Vehicles
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