(VIDEO) New world speed record for Volvo’s hybrid truck


Volvo’s “Mean Green” hybrid truck just beat the world record speed. With a total of 2100 horsepower, it proves the efficiency of hybrid technology.

Flying Kilometre - 236.577 kph (147.002 mph) and Standing Kilometre - 153.252 kph (95.245 mph)...

No, you are not inside a Lamborghini Murcielago or a turbine powered truck but in truck with a series production engine!
Indeed, the D16 is a 700hp engine fitted to the FH16 trucks, and although it happens to be the most powerful truck engine ever designed, usually, it doesn’t reach those crazy speeds. 

About its powertrain: Mean Green’s electric motor works in total harmony with the 16liters twin-turbo diesel engine increasing the torque available.
On the combined 2100hp, only 200 are provided by the electric motor. While 1200Nm out of the 6780 Nm available are coming from the electric energy. The contribution of the electric motor is huge for the torque with a gain of more than 20%.

To handle so much power, the Mean Green needed and proper transmission, the automated  IShift gearbox, and a proper pilot. The Swedish Boije Overbrink already knows this green giant. They break records since 2010. Boije will know before his 61st birthday in June, if his record is actually approved by the FIA. That would be a nice gift!

Here is the video of the record

And the Mean Green VS a Ferrari
Article by Jeremi Michaux

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