B'Twin Velomobile: the first open-source electric bicycle (B'Twin & Local Motors)


This project has been initiated by the company Oxylane (which manages among others the brand B'Twin) in collaboration with Local Motors, the goal is to create the perfect bike for a young active citizen, taking the shape of an innovative electric tricycle, half way between the car and the bike.


Here is the Design Brief, the tricycle needs to be light, compact, customizable and able to connect to a smartphone. It must also provide two driving positions and protection against the crash and weather.

Last, it must be affordable with a retail price below $ 2000 or € 1550.

If the name of Local Motors reminds you something it’s because we owe them the RallyFighter a not very green SUV equipped with a 430HP V8 ...

Local Motors is a community of designers, each designer posts its project from the early sketches, and can make it evolve through the feedbacks. Visitors can then see the project evolve progressively.

If you are interested you still have two weeks (until May 15) to submit your project, there is $ 7,500 at stake for the winner. The results will be announced on May 24th.

The applications received are quite eclectic, some more D-Art, others more Drymer, here are some examples.

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