(VIDEO) An electric Yamaha R1 for the Australian TTXGP Championship, Ripperton R1 (eFXC)


The electric motorcycle Championship TTXGP is also held in Australia in partnership with the eFXC. As the championship starts soon, let’s have a look to one of the machines that dominates the event.

TTXGP_Ripperton_R1 (5).jpg 

This machine based on a Yamaha R1 has been developed by Daniel Sailer, once will not hurt, this electric Superbike weighs less than its gasoline counterpart with only 141kg!

Its motor developing 61hp is therefore more than enough to reach a maximum speed of 175 kph, while its 7.5kWh Lithium Polymer allows a 32km range in race conditions with a recharge in just 1h20.

The motor and battery temperatures are controlled by a liquid cooling for optimal performances.

TTXGP_Ripperton_R1 (3).jpg 

Also note that the Lithium Polymer battery has been  designed to be exchangeable quickly at the pit thanks to a "battery swap" system.

Catavolt's competitor (first of the championship last year) has not said its last word!

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