Planet Solar completes its world tour on May 4th in Monaco


Planet Solar, the first solar boat to complete a journey around the world will return to the start point, Monaco in early May after 19 months of sailing at sea. It should arrive in Monaco on May 4th. The largest solar boat ever built with 536.65 square meters of photovoltaic panels will be moored Quai Rainier after his world tour.


The boat only powered by solar energy traveled 60 000 kilometers in almost 20 months. 


The initiative is part of the environmental policy of Monaco’s principality.

A public tour of the boat will be possible on Sunday, May 6 in the afternoon before it leaves on May 7th.

The 31 meters long and 15m width catamaran weighs 95 tons, it is made out of carbon fiber and hosts six lithium ion battery packs.

The boat and its crew of five people still had to make several stops on his journey to ensure the proper functioning of the MS Turanor because the weather have not spared it.
The boat is currently in Corsica, Calvi

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