(VIDEO) Chinese DIY wind-powered car


This Chinese farmer created a car that would work with wind energy. We want to believe!

Chinese people are said to be good for reproducing the technologies coming from the west but we too often underestimate their capacity to create. The farmer Tang Zhenping disproves the adage. He designed and built the first car to ever run (partly) thank to wind energy.


To build its vehicle, the inspired farmer recycled steel and electronic parts, for example, the accelerator pedal comes from a U.S. Hummer.

The prominent fan fixed on the front of the vehicle can provide electricity - at a certain speed-  acting as a generator. The car announces a top speed of 140kph for a range of 140 km.

If his car shaped like a space shuttle effectively moves, we have some doubts about the speed it can actually reach with its wheels that are closer to those of a soapbox ...

However, Tang has built his car in 3 months for less than 1,500 euros (10,000 yuan), and this is already a record!

Article by Jeremi Michaux
Par Technologic Vehicles
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