(VIDEO) ZecOO electric motorcycle a surrealistic dream machine

If the $ 46,000 price tag of the Sora by Lito Green Motion was not enough for you, and that you are desperately looking for a decent vehicle to put next to your full carbon PG Bikes Black Trail electric bike, we have found a solution coming from Japan!

Motorcycle workshop, AutoStaff Suehiro’s team has always had a pronounced taste for innovation and crazy machines, their latest creation has been designed by Kota Nezu of Znug Design and is clearly in the same league as the Tron LightCycle, propelling us a few decades later.

ZecOO’s prototype will be produced in small series but is more of a show vehicle than a real rubber burner, despite its innovative conception with a front single arm mounted on a Gas damper (Nitron) -idem for the rear- the beast still weighs 245kg and announces a range of 55 to 85 miles (88 to 136km) and a maximum speed of 120kph.

Charging the ZecOO takes 4 to 6 hours, the bike also features a range extender but few information is available on it...

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