(VIDEO) PGO Hemera EV : cute electric car project made in France with ethanol range extender


Organized by the French Society of Automotive Engineers (SIA), the Trophy SIA aims to promote the development of innovative and more eco-friendly vehicles.

Here is a Focus on project presented this year, the PGO Hemera an electric sports-car with range extender, developed by the Ecole des Mines d'Ales under the name EMASIA.

You probably know the manufacturer PGO for the Porsche 356 clones and reinterpretation named Speedster, this week after having been on the front of the stage with their agreement with BMW that will provide engines for their future vehicles, they come back stronger and greener with an Hemera electric project.

First here is a short presentation of the Hemera, based on the same chassis as the Speedster, it is the Shooting brake version of the flagship model.


Series-hybrid with a gasoline engine, a Lombardini twin cylinder. Modified to run on E85 this generator provides 15kWh and is placed at the front.

PGO_Hemera_REV (2).JPG

But, engineers of the “Ecole des Mines” went further that just the powertrain, determined to present a vehicle both green and attractive with a (removable) body in biomaterials (flax fiber) and a interior upholstery fabric from cork!

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