(VIDEO) BeKane: an hydrogen scooter achieves a record range of 350km


This month, an electric scooter on 3 wheels -modified to run on hydrogen- broke the world record of range in both time and distance in the streets of Paris with 365km covered in 19h. 
A French project led by Gérard Thevenot in partnership with Lyric and Messer France.

If you live in Paris, you may have met this strange machine called BeKane. Maybe it even left behind at a traffic light… Because eventhough it is small and doesn’t anything like sporty it achieves a top speed of 35km/h in a (nearly) complete silence.


The fuel cell located on the front wheel transforms the hydrogen of the 9 liters tank placed behind the driver into electricity and powers the Bekane.

This crazy project has been imagined by the engineer Gérard Thevenot already famous for crossing the Channel in 2009 on a Ultralight. An enthusiast supported by the company Lyric that sells the electric scooter in France (similar to the Bikeboard).

Together they have three objectives: raising awareness on the environmental issues, demonstrate the performance achievable with hydrogen and encourage behavior change towards alternative modes of transportation.
This world record proves that green vehicles aren’t just about hybrid and pure electric. Hydrogen also offers interesting possibilities.

Indeed, it combines the range of an hybrid vehicle with the driving qualities of an electric motor. However, this energy also has some downsides: production costs and storage…


Pictures via Messer France
Par Technologic Vehicles
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