IBM develops a 500 miles battery (800km) that breathes (Lithium-Air)

Update of April 25th article with a video that explains how the battery works

IBM is working on a prototype of battery that could reach a range of 800 km in a vehicle. The technology used for this project is the lithium-oxygen (or lithium-air) instead of lithium-ion currently used.

This new generation battery called "Battery 500 project" (for 500 miles or 805 kilometers) could host 10 times the amount of energy of a conventional battery thanks to a relatively simple natural operation, breathing!$

In use, it absorbs the oxygen, air reacts with the lithium to form lithium peroxide on a carbon matrix. The chemical reaction that results produces a lot of energy. During the charging phase, oxygen is released to the air, the lithium ions then resume their original state and accumulate the electrons provided by the socket, then the cycle repeats…

Therefore, the other big advantage of this battery is that it is lighter - at equal power- than lithium-ion batteries. Each gram of the battery could produce 10,000 milliamps / hour.

The research team based at IBM Zurich designed the battery with the help of the Blue Gene supercomputer using the "atoms modeling” to determine how ions and molecules interact. Still in test phase, no release date has been revealed. 

Article by Jeremi Michaux Via Wired

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