Beijing 2012: CH-Auto, a Chinese electric sports-car concept

Update of this morning's article with specs of the Lithia.

As you probably realized following our articles on the 2012 Beijing Auto Show, it is now one of the references for big manufacturers but also innovative local manufacturers, Chinese cars become greener they now get a real design…

CH-Auto_Lithia_Sports_EV (2).jpg 

In this game CH-Auto beats everyone with its highly desirable Lithia. 

Research and development company created in 2003 CH-Auto handles for its customers the full development phase of a car, from design to engineering, through the development of prototypes.


On the design side this electric beauty compares to Europeans concept-cars from the most famous designers, Giugiaro, Pininfarina or even Bertone! 

We owe its design to an American, Dan Darancou former manager of GM design -part of Auto-CH since 2010- for example he developed the GM EN-V.

On the performance side the Lithia is slightly disappointing with a wieght of 1600kg the 201hp and 220Nm of its motor allow a 0 to 100kph in 12 seconds... While its 36kWh battery confers a 150km range.

CH-Auto_Lithia_Sports_EV (3).JPG 
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