Hybrid cars: Honda ready to share its IMA technology with Chinese manufacturers

The Japanese automaker Honda just announced that they were ready to share their powertrains in China offering them to competitors, aiming to boost sales of green vehicles in the country.

A strategy to could quickly trigger some important sales with no additional development costs.

"We hope other manufacturers will use our IMA technology", said a –unidentified group leader on Sunday to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei.
"We want to be the industry benchmark for hybrid vehicles in the largest car market in the world," he added.


While Japanese manufacturers were previously reluctant to transfer of technology, Honda, through these partnerships hope to boosts its sales of hybrid vehicles in China.

For the record, Honda was the first manufacturer to enter the hybrid car market in 1999 with the Insight - whereas, it is Toyota that currently dominates the segment with the Prius hybrid.

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