(VIDEO) HY-Kers 2012 by Ferrari, the hybrid V12 now in mid-rear position, emissions down by 40%

Time is now to hybridization and even for the most reluctant . Rumors of March have just been confirmed with the reveal of the evolution of this technology coupling the hybrid powertrain and the V12 in mid-rear position, power in transmitted to the wheels via a double clutch 7 speed gearbox.

The 2012 HY-Kers technology has two electric motors, one on the gearbox, the other in front of the engine for the auxiliary systems (power steering, brake servo, air conditioning, onboard systems). These motors are powered by a battery whose location may depend on the space available and the vehicle.


Two “very-Ferrari” informations: the location of a battery will considered only if it lowers the center of gravity. The technology has been chosen and developed as it allows 1kW of electrical power per additional kg.

During braking phases the electric motor (located on the gearbox) is transformed into a generator and recharges the batteries, this phase is managed by a controller derived from F1.

The combination allows 40% emission reductions in combined cycle at equal power (30% for the HY-Kers 2010).

One question remains… Which model will receive the technology? Because of the development cost and the power it should develop, it will probably be fitted to the new hypercar of the brand, the Enzo successor...

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