Beijing 2012: The Roewe E1 electric city car available soon in China, renamed Roewe E50!

The Chinese carmaker Roewe is about to launch its small electric car named the E50.
They hope to sell a thousand units per year.
ROEWE_E50_Spyshot.jpg ROEWE_E50_Spyshot (2).jpg 

Roewe presented the E1 concept two years ago and since exhibited it in various AutoShows, but no prototype had been  spotted yet. The concept unveiled at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show appeared very promising. We must admit that this small electric model that symbolized the future of the Roewe brand created in 2006 is rather appealing. 


With a design very close to the Chevrolet Spark EV (under test) with four seats, it has a maximum speed of 130 kph for a range announced at 190km thanks to its Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack, fast charging (at 80%) takes 30min (Amperage not specified) and a full charge 8 hours on a conventional plug.
We should discover its final design and specs at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show which opens its doors next monday, alongside a plug-in hybrid sedan, the Roewe 550.
About safety, the Roewe 750 (available in hybrid) got a 5 star rating at the C-NCAP (Chinese Euro NCAP).


The E50 should be available by year-end, for the Chinese market only... A shame because, on the paper, we quite like this electric Roewe! 

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