(VIDEO) Audi S7 and S6 when V8 shift to 4 cylinders on demand!

Audi and Volkswagen are definitely at the forefront of innovation regarding to the "cylinder on demand" or "cylinder shut-off" system.
We already presented you this system in the Polo BlueGT, here's the first videos explaining how the system working on the classic 420hp V8 from Audi. This is the brand's most famous engine, it has been there for years and is now updated and fitted to the S6 and S7 Sportback.

The “Cylinder on demand” system simply cuts the admission and therefore deactivates the input and output valves of four of the eight cylinders. This is basically the same system as the Polo BlueGT.
Note that it is always the same cylinders that are cut by the system in order to keep an optimum balance, avoid engine vibrations, and keep a in-line four feeling.

The engine also features the Start-stop. Performances and emissions specs haven’t been revealed yet but be sure that we will keep you updated!

Article by H. Le Flanchec

Par Technologic Vehicles
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