Columbus Sport Hybrid 130: a new hybrid yacht with Aluminum hull

Certainly, there are greener things than building a 130 feet yacht (39.6 m) but now the most wealthy also try to make their ship more sustainable.


Launched last year by Palomba, this yacht has found a Russian owner.

The 40m yacht is powered by two diesel engines (CAT C32ACERT) which develop 1471kW and allow a maximum speed of 22knots, but also a hybrid powertrain developed by Hydro Tec.


At speeds up to 7.5 knots only two diesel generators are running to power the electric motors, while the main engines are off.
Thanks to their silence, torque and responsiveness electric motors provide a smooth ride and eased low-speed maneuvers.


The hull is in aluminum for lightness, the 130 Sport Hybrid welcomes 8 guests plus owner and 4 crew members (captain included) for journeys from 1500 nautical miles at 15 knots and up to 5000Nm at 7.5 knots.

A Sport Hybrid 155 ship is also under study, the 130 received the RINA approval and delivery is expected in summer 2013.

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