What if your tinted windows were solar cells (Heliatek)

The company Heliatek has designed a flexible film which incorporates solar made from organic molecules. Apparently they could be as performant as those from rigid panels and even surpass them under high heat or overcast weather.


Flexible solar panels aren’t exactly new… They can be purchased easely for less than 200 euros. You can install them on any surfaces just like a sticker. They are commonly used in boating or on the roof of vehicles.


Yet, their production is relatively low and, in comparison they develop almost 50% less power than rigid panels. Nevertheless, Heliatek ensure that they have solved this problem of low production thanks to organic molecules layered on polyester films.

Thibaud de Séguillon CEO of Heliatek announced that: "Within five years the technological improvements will allow a cost price of these panels around 40 to 50 cents per watt which is equivalent to conventional panels." One of the objectives of the company is to integrate them on the walls of buildings. 

Furthermore Heliatek is currently working on a technology which would allow to adapt the solar panel on glass surfaces like a solar film.

By then, the company hopes to raise 60 million euros through public and private investments. The ultimate goal is to build a plant which would generate 75 megawatts / hour, only with flexible solar panels, to prove the viability of the technology.

Article by Jeremi Michaux 
Par Technologic Vehicles
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