Ewee 2, the mini Segway evolves, colors available, priced at € 1890 (PT2GO)

Ewee is an single person electric vehicle manufactured in Schiltigheim, France near Strasbourg.

Their first model was already listed in our database and now its evolution will also be. This NIV (non-identified vehicle) is between the Segway and Solowheel with a consistent price of € 1890.
Lighter, stronger, more convenient and attractive, the Ewee keeps its look of experimental prototype that suits it so well. The V2 whose code name is PT2GO will be available mid-May in three colors, red, white and black. 
It still features two 250Watt motors offering speeds up to 16kph and its lithium-ion battery an unchanged range of 8km, charging takes 3 hours.

Changes in the model have been developed thanks to the customers’ feedback and are perceptible in its dimensions with footrests that can now be folded, the Ewee 2 becomes even smaller and the control joystick is now placed vertically (horizontal before).
ewee2_PT2GO (2).jpg 
Although its weight goes down by 3kg (22kg total), the maximum load increases and now stands at 115kg (25kg more).

This update has a cost, but its price is still relatively reasonable compared to those of similar original products... 

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