A Peugeot electric van for the disabled people available for car-sharing in Nice, France (Autobleue - Powered by Venturi)

After the electric Citroën Berlingo special record "Shanghai to Paris" and recently the "Mission Africa" vehicle, Venturi developed a Peugeot Expert "Powered by Venturi" designed to ease the mobility of disabled people.

It just got into service today in Nice as part of the AutoBleue electric car-sharing program.

partner_venturi_autobleue (2).jpg  

The back of the vehicle is specially equipped with a ramp and a ground anchoring system allowing to safely transport a wheelchair. Carers and families can book it on AutoBleue’s website in Nice, just like any other car available within the program.

partner_venturi_autobleue (2).jpg 

According to the President of Venturi Gildo Pastor, sustainable mobility must be "A clean mode of transportation, easy to use and accessible to all, including disabled people."

Hopefully this wishful thinking will be followed in other cities and countries...

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