(VIDEO) Volpe Zagato a mini electric car to challenge the Twizy with (real) doors, price from € 6995

City commuters are spoiled these days. Smart, Renault Twizy, three-wheeled scooter and now Volpe. This electric micro-car is/can be 100% electric, as big as a scooter, and offers two seats!
The Volpe’s designed by Zagato is halfway between the JetCar and the Twizy, it is available in full electric or with an range extender option. It works either on CNG or gasoline and starts when the battery level reaches a certain threshold.

The all-electric version is targeting a range of 60 km, while the hybrid reaches 360 km, but as you can imagine, its price is higher and increases from € 6,995 to € 7,950. Here it is for the 45kph versions.

If you want more power, add a thousand euros and you will reach 80kph with a 12 kW motor. 

About the combustion engine, don’t worry even if it runs its emissions won’t exceed 35g/km, less than the Piaggio MP3 Hybrid 300!
About safety, the car passed crash-tests successfully. It has an optional airbag, ABS and ESP. Exclusively for urban use, the car can really going anywhere as its dimensions are similar to those of a scooter. According to the manufacturer, it is so thin that it could park in spaces reserved for motorcycles ... in Italy.


So, as you understood, it clearly targets the Twizy with two versions similar to Renault’s tiny city car same dimensions and price, offering additionally a range extender for longer journeys but that’s not it, it also features glass doors (handy in the winter), heating, and even air conditioning (optional)!

For the record Pininfarina had also presented a full electric vehicle the Nido EV.

Article by Jeremi Michaux

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