Ford Focus Electric to be the new Nascar Pace-car!

Update of April 17th article with the official pictures of the car

The pace-car that will give the start of the next Nascar race to be held in Richmond on April 28th will be an all-electric Focus. This is a revolution in the pantheon of American motorsport which is now seduced by clean cars.

This 2012 Focus EV will be the same car as the production model which will soon be available in dealerships in the United States. It is equipped with an electric motor developing 100kW ( 123hp ). Charging the batteries takes only 3 hours on a 240 V plug. The Focus electric can travel 160km on a single charge, thanks to its lithium-ion batteries and reaches the top speed of 135 kph.

Ford_Focus_NASCAR (6).jpg


The US launch should have taken place earlier this year, in January in some states but got postponed until next fall without further explanation. Some point out a market which isn’t ready yet for a 100% electric vehicle.

A spokesman for Ford said recently: « Studies from Ford show that most Americans are thinking of buying an electric car, but that they do not understand the different technologies. The Ford Focus electric pace-car will be a good way to communicate the benefits of an electric car. »

A gasoline prices around 60 cents per liter in the U.S does not help  promoting electric cars, only a few states in the country develop a policy to support green vehicles.

The manufacturer is considered to be one of those who act most to reduce greenhouse gas emissions among the United States. The electric Focus will enter the European market later in the 2013 at a price around 30 000 €, which is similar to its direct competitor the Nissan Leaf.

Article par Jeremi Michaux
Par Technologic Vehicles
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