2012 Beijing: Qin by BYD, the brand’s second generation plug-in hybrid to replace the FD3M

Update of April 17th article with new images, including those of the "i" robot (placed on the dashboard) whose fonction is still a little vague... More infos to come with the opening of Beijing Auto Show next monday.

The Chinese carmaker BYD will introduce its second generation of hybrid car at the Beijing Motor Show in late April. The sedan Qin will replace the F3DM which only sold to 80 units.

While some still believed China at particulate filter stage BYD releases their second generation of hybrid vehicles.

The Qin BYD is a plug-in hybrid (electric-gasoline) whose first photos have just been unveiled. The car’s design is fluid and incisive. Very expressive, these headlights combine LED and lenticular optics.

BYD_Qin_Plug-in (3).jpg 

On the engine side the Chinese are currently short on figures apart from the surprising performances for a sedan, 0 to 100 kph in 6.9 seconds thanks a reduced weight, the batteries are two times lighter than the previous generation.

The Qin will therefore replace the F3DM range extender sedan (DM for Dual Mode) whose production began in 2009. 
BYD_Qin_Plug-in (2).jpg 
The sales results pushed BYD to stop its production lately… It is true that the technologies used on this model seem somewhat outdated.

BYD had then released the E6, a crossover in electric or hybrid version. 
A car that could reach speeds of 160 kph and 400 km range.

BYD_Qin_Plug-in (1).jpg 

BYD, recently teamed up with Daimler in China to found Denza, a manufacturer dedicated to green vehicles and announced their intention of coming to Europe soon.

Article by Jeremi Michaux

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