(VIDEO) Test: Peugeot 508Rxh, hybrid rock star for family man

The Eco-bourgeois hybrid diesel estate is a special edition that will be available in limited units (apparently already sold out) ... 

Technological spearhead of the brand the 508RXH impresses with its equipment and finish that is very German-like!

Here is a random list of its options/features:
A 6-speed robotized gearbox with paddle shifting, head-up display, automatic trunk opening, 4WD, dual zone automatic air-conditioning, directional Xenon headlights, regenerative braking, keyless-go, widescreen GPS, panoramic glass roof, bluetooth, brushed aluminum and black gloss inside, iridescent paint, LED dayt lights, electric memory seat (heated), massaging driver seat, cruise control ...

Test_peugeot_508RXH (13).jpg  

Undeniably, the Peugeot 508 RXH is an object of desire for high-tech and green fathers.

Compared with 3008HYbrid4 we had tested a few weeks ago the gearbox is improving and gears shift much faster (still a tiny expectation time but quite acceptable). Power management to the front wheels between the massive torque of electric+diesel engine combined also dramtically improves.

5.1l/100km on the highway in auto mode (46mpg)
7.2l/100km (33mpg) in sport mode and dynamic driving (country roads)
6.2l/100km (38mpg) in the combined test (urban-highway and country roads split about evenly over a distance of 400km)

Test_peugeot_508RXH (13).jpg

In town you must learn to understand the car and start gently looking for the sail point, cruising with a light throttle press (otherwise the car goes into "Regen") a game you'll quickly enjoy, as seeing the onboard computer announce a consumption of 0l/100km is great fun!
The head-up display also improves but a tilt adjustment button would have been welcome ...

Test_peugeot_508RXH (13).jpg  

We love the finish, and the people’s look surprised by this high-tech premium UDO the differs from the usual French automotive landscape.
We regret a too large battery that reduces the loading capacity of the trunk to 400 liters.

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