(VIDEO) Citroen DS9: first PHEV of the brand (petrol or hybrid)

After the first spy images, the public revelation of the concept car that foreshadows the new flagship of the brand took place yesterday.

Citroen_Numero9_DS9 (1).JPG 

Here are the official pictures and information on the vehicle that features the brand’s first plug-in hybrid drivetrain - announced in a press conference last February.

Evolution of the HYbrid4 technology, the Number 9 as Citroen likes to call it is the big brother of the DS5, Citroën is very successful in making us fall for estate lines or more likely shooting brake as Citroën announced.

Citroen_Numero9_DS9 (1).JPG  

Depending on the market, the car will be based on a gasoline (Asia) or diesel engine (Europe).

For the Beijing Motor Show the hybrid powertrain is based on a gasoline engine, a 1.6TP 225hp and 275Nm four cylinder, enough to power the vehicle and provide a total of 295hp, 0 to 100 in achieved in 5.4 seconds for only 1.7 l/100km and 39g/km emissions.

Citroen_Numero9_DS9 (1).JPG  

Three drive modes are available, Auto, Sport, or ZEV

Compared with the HYbrid4 technology the electric motor is more powerful 70hp (against 37hp previously) while the torque reaches 200Nm. The battery pack -whose capacity is not revealed yet- recharges in 3h30 and provides a range of 50km in full electric.
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