(VIDEO) EV aqua go-kart in Paris (Gliss-speed by Aqualeo)

Here is a French SME as we like them, innovative and green.
Aqualeo is a company founded by Jeremy Benichou, an engineer who saw a market between the Jet Ski and paddle boat with an electric water go-kart.

Gliss-speed_test_Paris (1).JPG 

In two years, his company Aqualeo developed the Gliss-speed a small electric boat that achieves speeds up to 25kph (15 knots).

Very simple to operate the Gliss-Speed is a hull, an electric motor with a propeller, a fin and a removable battery located in the front (the battery compartment is protected by a double sealing).

A control panel allows to start the Gliss-speed on/off/init and select the drive, forward/neutral/reverse. 
The controls are located at the handles for the direction, use the levers to go left or right, the accelerator is in turn under the right foot.

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Most of the Gliss-speed sales are on the export market for now, it is available in Dubai and soon in Thailand.

Originally the set-up is friendly and safe, but the gliss-speed can be modified to suit a variety of uses, fin, motor control, battery size, anything is possible!

In use, like any electric vehicle torque is impressive and the boat literally takes off at the first push of the accelerator the controls are intuitive.

Gliss-speed_test_Paris (10).JPG 

How and where to use it, ideally on a lake with a small circuit with at least two people, the winner may be the one who arrives first or least wet, it’s up to you!

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