Twizy Mobility: halfway between Car2Go and AutoLib ', Renault EV-sharing program

During an interview with Thierry Viadieu, head of the New Mobility Program Department at Renault, we learned that Renault is working on a car-sharing service with the Twizy named Twizy Mobility.
Twizy_mobility copie.jpg 

Similarity with Autolib', cars are available 24/7 and the system operates via a membership card allowing the user to start the car.

However, flexibility is more Car2Go as the cars will not be attached to a station and are available in the street in a 30km area.

A fleet test will be introduced soon in the Yvelines, near Paris.
The Twizy are modified in order to communicate with a server allowing users to know the charge level of each car and their availability. The user can book the car for 10 to 15 minutes to reach the car’s location.

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