(VIDEO) Pc-Aero Elektra two, the german electric aircraft gets an additional seat (four models in total)

Update of April 9th article with live pictures from the exhibition and a video presenting the Elektra One Solar.

Presented last year at the 2011 Aero Show in Friedrichshafen, the one person electric aircraft from PC Aero, the Elektra One, sees the arrival of new models.

For the 2012 editon of the Aero show, PC Aero will present an updated version of the Elektra One, its wings developped in partnership with Neowings have been redesigned and offer a larger wingspan, made from carbon composite they feature solar cells.

Elektra_One Solar_Elektra Two2.JPG 

They will also present a new model, a two-seater version that will be available in two versions.

Elektra Two Standard, for cruise, flying clubs and training

Still at the concept stage, the Elektra Two Standard will be available in short and long wingspan, 14 or 17 meters.

Elektra Two Record

It weights only 200kg (structure + battery) and announces a range of 3000km partly thanks its laminated solar cells placed in the wings!

And finally the Elektra Observer LT (Unmanned Very Light Electric Aircraft)

Elektra_One Solar_Elektra Two.JPG

Its is the unmanned version designed for civil surveillance also fitted with solar cells it emits (noise) only 40db and has a 8hours range.

1:5 Reproductions of the planes will presented on PC Aero's booth.

Images copyright: PC-Aero/Neowings
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