(VIDEO) Test drive: Renault Twizy invasion in Ibiza

We have spent two days with the Renault Twizy on the island of Ibiza.
Pleasant, robust and pragmatic here is the car in three words.


Twizy 80

Getting started with this version Technic, elegant in snow white with a glass roof, and its carbon stickers on the doors and dashboard.
Fitted with 13 inch wheels, doors and GPS this version is the upscale Twizy80 and costs € 9176 (excluding TomTom GPS). 

Renault_Twizy_Ibiza_TechVehi (22).jpg 

Steep climb isn’t a problem for the car that manages to reach 60kph in no problem. Overtaking on country roads is slightly tricky over 60kph, no problem, however below.

Twizy 45

After the version 80 we tested the 45 version without doors, disconcerting after the version with doors, because it really gives the impression of being outdoors, of course it offers less wind protection but is ideal for summer use or for those who want to keep the 2 wheeler spirit.

The 45kph version gets the same engine as the 80kph but with a different management, the torque is less important, yet the car already flirts with its top speed in some seconds.

The city test did not allow us to validate its maximum speed over a long distance but in a hundred meters the car was already at 46kph.


Here is the Twizy45 in the Color trim (€ 7,540), in black and red it denotes compared to the white versions we'd seen until now.

Autonomy in use

During the first test the desire to test the performances of the car overlooked the eco-driving.

On the initial run of 30km, 33 included detours with full throttle (all the time) on mixed routes the car had 12km of range remaining at the arrival. This confirms the 50 to 55km announced by Renault in intensive use.

The car only accepts charging on 10Amps but since the battery is relatively small, it recharges fully in 3:30. During our test we had three bars of battery and 12km remaining after a two hour lunch the battery was fully charged.


The chassis is responsive, steering precise, it only has a slight tendency to understeer.
On roundabouts this rear-wheel drive electric kart is super fun.

The car in general


The driver's seat is very comfortable and that’s only after a debriefing with fellow journalists that we realized that neither the steering wheel nor the seat back are adjustable - but the position is perfect like this.

The accelerator management is nice, a little surprising at the beginning where you must not hesitate to push the pedal.


For safety reasons. A warning sound starts after a few seconds when you stop on Drive position, it can become annoying in town ... Two options: put the car in neutral, or leave your foot lightly pushing the accelerator pedal

Hill start, small weakness on steep hills, even if the car has a assistance technology, it is too light for some steep climbs and the handbrake won’t be of any help here as you must have your foot on the brake to disable it... Yet two options again, either use both feet, or keep the car with a light throttle.

Twizy, a world apart, a design and a chassis. An original offer which seeks a young tech-savvy target.

I let you enjoy our gallery below.

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