(VIDEO) Flying Car: first flight for the Pal-V, biofuels versions on the way!

The PAL-V is a vehicle that we had listed in the database, but little information or updates on this project were available until now... Also, we were as surprised as happy to discover that the development of this vehicle had been pursued and that it just completed its maiden flight!

Pal-V_maiden_flight (7).jpg 

The road/air vehicle is one of the world’s strangest, it has been developed by a Dutch company. In short it is a tilting trike (eg Carver One, Tilter, Lumeneo Smera...) which turns into a gyrocopter to take-off in less than 165 meters.

The Pal-V announces "sports-car" sensations (0 to 100kph in 8 seconds) on the road and extreme maneuverability in flight, the range goes from 1,200km on the road up to 350/500km in flight for a maximum speed of 180kph.

Pal-V_maiden_flight (3).jpg 

Biofuel versions are under study (ethanol and diesel).
Also note that in road or Gyrocopter mode, it respects both regulations!

The first units are expected in 2014 if investors are interested in the project…
Estimated price from €250.000 to €300.000

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