(VIDEO) Electric Car: Sim Wil, when performance meets efficiency (351km range, 218 miles)

Update of March 31st article with a new video

We presented the first prototype of the Japanese company SIM on few occasions: the Sim Lei with its optimized aerodynamics had managed to break a record of efficiency, with more than 13.5km per kWh in April 2011 (333km with 24.5kWh...).

Then, late last year, Sim nnounced plans to produce this vehicle in series within years... Here is one of the possible directions, the Sim Wil, evolution of the first prototype.


The Sim Wil remains 4WD (in-wheel motors), the original battery pack now announces 35.1kWh instead of 24.5kWh before, for a lower weight!


Its interior is still as high-tech with screens and connectivity worthy of a mobile office.

Sim_Will_interior (2).jpg 

Far from “only” being super-efficient the Sim Wil also offers the 0 to 100kph in 5.5seconds (4.8 for the Sim Lei), equivalent to the Infiniti M35h we mentioned this morning, not bad for an electric compact vehicle with fishy looks! Its maximum speed is set at 180kph.


In JC08 cycle the Sim Wil announces 351km of range or a power consumption of only 99.7Wh/km.
Fitted with Chademo’s quick charger, charging takes only 3hours, otherwise, it is 12 hours on the 200V.
At the moment no information about a specific release date or price has been revealed.

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