(VIDEO) Specialized launchs an e-bike, the 45kph Specialized Turbo!

The famous bicycle manufacturer just released a strategic new model, a performance e-bike that took three years to develop, the Specialized Turbo.


It is fitted with a 432Wh (removable) battery pack that recharges in 2 hours, the 250Watt in-hub motor allows a top speed of 45kph, and by a simple push on a switch the motor turns into a generator to provide regenerative braking, it features a SRAM X0 10 gears transmission.


LED lights are integrated to the design, braking is entrusted to two Magura disc brakes, front and rear.
Its weight hasn't been announced yet...

The Specialized e-bike will land in Showrooms in May.

On a legal point of view bikes that don’t comply to the pedelec regulations (250Watt and 25kph maximum) are considered as e-bike/scooters and require insurance + helmet in most of the European countries.

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