Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 X Peugeot 404 Cabriolet in Paris: the Beauty and the Beast (test + gallery)

Opposites in every way, 44 years separate these two models that met in Paris for an original “date”.

Fitted on its 17-inch wheels the 3008 Hybrid4 looks like a mastodon next to it, and yet it is not much longer (12.7cm).

3008HYbrid4_404Cab_meeting (2).jpg 

During this test we tried to answer a question, is it an eco-friendly 4x4:

We traveled a total of 220km -60km of which on the highway and the rest in town- board computer displays 6.5l/100km city and 6.2l/100km in mixed consumption, using not even a quarter of the tank or about 13l on the 56.5l tank - not bad for a 200hp CrossOver!

These data makes it plausible to do more than 1000km in peri-urban and even urban journeys... Note that this is (obviously) not as good as the manufacturer’s data, but the test vehicle was an early prototype that has been built in August 2011, since, the powetrain evolved and improved (as we will report in our forthcoming test of the 508RXH).

Of course, the 3008 is a vehicle primiarly designed home-parking/office-parking journeys or a family use but its environmental performances are equivalent to those of a compact car!

Relatively light (considering its size) 1660kg the silence in town is really addictive and you tend to drive in electric only as often as possible.

3008HYbrid4_404Cab_meeting (2).jpg3008HYbrid4_404Cab_meeting (5).jpg 

Eco-SUV then?

Not necessarily by its size but by its "heart", it provides a spacious family car and four wheel drive on a daily basis without having bad conscience towards the environment. Imagine it almost as eco-friendly as a Smart Mhd (104g/km for the Hybrid4, 97g/km for the Smart) and it will seem much smaller!!

Note that the version tested emitted 107g/km (due to its trim level).
The first production vehicles arrived in showroom earlier this year, prices from € 37,400.
See its full specs here.

3008HYbrid4_404Cab_meeting (2).jpg  
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