(VIDEO) Prominence PCD, greener than an electric bike!

Here is the Prominence Commutting Device developed by the Team Prominence, this is a recumbent three-wheeler bike with a body and an electric motor placed in the rear wheel.

The PCD recalls other vehicles of this type often called vélosmobiles (eg Twike, Sunrider Cycles, or Drymer) but has LED headlights and side repeaters placed in the mirrors that gives an original look bonus.

Prominence_PCD (4).jpg 

The Team Prominence has developed its expertise over the years by building solar vehicles for endurance races, a discipline where aerodynamics and efficiency are critical elements.

The PCD weighs only 124kg batteries included, it can reach 70kph for a range of 90km thanks to its 1.6kWh battery pack.

Prominence_PCD (3).jpg 

Thanks to its body the PCD is more efficient than and electric bike and consumes only 17.8 Wh/km instead of 29Wh/km for the same vehicle without fairing, according to their measures (calculated on a identical route over a distance of 20km).

Unfortunately it is only a prototype and no indication is given on a possible production.

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