Venturi Mission Africa 4300km with 500km range electric van!

Fourth Venturi Global Challenge, the Mission Africa is 4300kms aboard of a Citroen Berlingo Powered by Venturi.

Technical adventure that will once again put Venturi’s technology to the test, this journey of over 4800 km on the roads and tracks of Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa in electric vehicles will be achieved without any assistance.
Starting May 11, 2012 in Nairobi, at the foot of the Kilimanjaro, then towards the large parks and reserves of Tanzania and Zambia it will end six weeks later in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Xavier Chevrin, who had already done the Shanghai to Paris challenge at the wheel of a "Powered by Venturi" with a triple autonomy, a series vehicle equipped with 2 additional batteries to offer a range of 500 km.

An electric glider and a camera will be part of the journey to film a documentary from the air.

This Challenge is done without any assistance or recognition, charging will be on site, thanks to the help of locals, - rather risky since 65% of the Africans don’t have access to electricity!

Good luck Xavier!
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