(VIDEO) Pikes Peak 2012 : Team Monster Tajima goes electric ! (#TeamAPEV)

March 23rd original article :

The 2012 edition of the famous hillclimb race will be even more electric than the previous edition where electric cars (Nissan Leaf, Yokohama HER-02) and bikes (Chip Yates) competed.

After Mitsubishi that was announcing a radical i-MiEV, it is now the record holder in gasoline to enter the electric Pikes Peak challenge with the name Team APEV!

The team will reveal more details in a press conference planned for next week. A great question remains are they targeting the electric record set at 12:20.084 by the Yokohama HER-02 or their own record under 10 seconds, 9:51!

Update of March 29th :

Here is the first official image of the car with additional pictures taken during the press conference held yesterday, we are still waiting for the specs sheet... 

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