(VIDEO) Speed record on the snow, 252kph for the electric sports-car E-RA

The E-RA or Electric About Race is a prototype of electric car developed by students at the Helsinki University of Applied Sciences.


On March 17th, 2012 Janne Laitinen took the wheel of the car, fitted with Nokian tires -Hakkapeliitta 7 (225/40R18) – available in the retail...

He's repeatedly shot off on a straight line of 6km and achieved a recorded top speed of 252.09 km / h (156.64 mph) with the E-RA.

Its specifications in brief
Power of 280kW (380hp)
Limited to 200kph (usually)
Consumption of 14.5 kWh per 100km

This record was set following the rules of the Guinness World Record, however, the class of record on ice with an electric vehicles does not yet exist ...

The record was measured over a kilometer in both directions, the resulting figure is an average of the two.

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