(VIDEO) Track test for the 918 Spyder, facts on the prototype

The most powerful plug-in hybrid continues its development and Porsche wanted to show that this efficient supercar was not only a concept and a great idea but also an extremely high-tech prototype currently under development.


This meeting took place on the Nardo circuit in Italy, the famous speedway.
Assembled in just a few days only three 918Spyder prototypes exist in the world right now.

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Here are some numbers on this incredible project

-$ 800,000 and $ 200,000 deposit
-Not less than 50 computers in the car
-9 months of development for the electrical system only…
-Every lamp or light in the car is an LED
-The passenger sits 20mm in front of the driver for an ideal weight distribution.

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Developed by Porsche’s racing department (Motorsport), to carry out their mission -which is to create the supercar of the 21st century and the first plug-in hybrid- their main obsession has been weight.

The car structure (carbon fiber + aluminum chassis, passenger compartment and crash zone) weighs only 220kg (485pounds) for a total target weight of 1678kg (3700pounds) -with 80% located below the center of gravity! Even the Targa roof is in carbon ...


The 918 Spyder is a parrellel (plug-in) hybrid, a 570hp 4.6l V8 is mounted centrally.
The first electric motor of 90kW (122ch) is inserted between the engine and the seven-speed transmission and a second engine of 80kW (109hp) takes place on the front axle, giving the hybrid supercar four-wheel drive.
The combined torque is announced at 950Nm!

In electric-only, the range is 25 km (16 miles) for a maximum speed of 145kph, combined, the 0-100 takes about 3 seconds and top speed is announced at 325kph (202mph).

Its 6.8kWh battery recharges in 2 hours, and a quick charger offering a 20 minutes recharge is under development.
First units expected September 18, 2013 (9/18 ...)

Porsche_918_Spyder_proto (2).jpg

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