Details on PHEVs in the VW group: Panamera, Q7, A3 ... From 2014 (TwinDrive)

After the Panamera S Hybrid already presented by the Stuttgart brand, Porsche is currently developing a plug-in hybrid version of the Panamera planned for 2014.
Designed primarily for the U.S. its official release date has not been revealed yet…

A first for the brand? Not exactly, the highly anticipated 918 Spyder will feature a plug-in powertrain (718hp for emissions 70g/km in theory)

Another group's flagship brand, Audi will also fit plug-in engines to its models, Passat, Q7 and A3 plug-in hybrid also are expected for 2014-2015.

The VW group is developing plug-in hybrids under the TwinDrive badge, the powertrain is actually tested in fleets of vehicles (Leon, Golf).

It is therefore likely this technology that will be installed in small/mid-size models (eg Passat and Audi A3), however, for the Q7 or the Panamera plug-in hybrid, we must look to the Cross Coupe concept that has been introduced in gasoline and diesel hybrid versions...

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