258,86mph, China gets closer to TGV records

China has more than 4,300 miles of high-speed rail, more than any other nation in the world. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that their trains are breaking all kinds of speed records. This morning the People Daily Online announced that a train dubbed "the Harmony" -- a CRH-380A, which runs between Shanghai to Hangzhou -- reached 258.86 miles per hour during a trial run. 
That's a bit of bump from the very first record broken back in June, 2008, when the CRH3 train that runs between Beijing and Tianjin hit a top speed of of 245 miles per hour.
Regular service on the Shanghai-Hangzhou line is expected to begin in October. And by 2012, China hopes to nearly double the amount of high-speed rail that crisscrosses the country to 8,000 miles, according to the Ministry of Railways. Expect more high-speed records to be broken.

Source : DiscoveryNews

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